Our incredible team

Our incredible team at Maaanjani is a tapestry of youthful creativity and seasoned expertise, dedicated to crafting bespoke digital narratives that resonate with a global audience. United by a passion for innovation and a keen understanding of youth culture, they are the driving force behind every successful campaign.

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We build digital products
for your success

At Maaanjani, we architect digital campaigns that are the bedrock of your brand’s success, infusing each strategy with innovation and insights tailored for impact. Our commitment is to propel your vision into the digital realm, ensuring measurable success with every click, share, and engagement.

Marie Garibay


Meet Marie Garibay, our brilliant web developer, whose technical wizardry and innovative coding skills bring the digital dreams of Maaanjani to vibrant life.

Michael Patterson​

WordPress Developer​

Michael Patterson, our dedicated WordPress developer, transforms concepts into reality with his expertise in creating responsive, user-friendly websites that embody Maaanjani’s vision.

Margo Chastain​

UI/UX Designer​

Margo Chastain, our UI/UX designer, masterfully blends aesthetics with functionality, creating intuitive and engaging user experiences that elevate Maaanjani’s digital presence.

Alex Greena​

Freelance Designer​

Alex Green, our talented freelance writer, brings a fresh and dynamic voice to Maaanjani, crafting compelling content that resonates deeply with our youthful audience.